Join Us For the Greatest Live Blog In NFL Draft History

04.24.08 10 years ago 44 Comments

It’s like looking into the not-so-distant future!!!

You might have noticed that nifty hyperlinked badge over on the sidebar. For those who haven’t figured it out yet, we will be hosting what is sure to be the single greatest live blog ever. I’ll be at the controls from 3 pm until my fingers fall off or I run out of mood enhancers. You can expect additional appearances from Punte and Christmas Ape, assuming he has time in between Deadspinning and cat shaving (Jean Grey got in the taffy again!) With a little bit of luck we’ll even be joined by the elusive Captain Caveman, on location at the ACTUAL NFL Draft.

But forget all of that, what makes this live blog special is YOU!*

That’s right, on Saturday we’ll be engaging in our most bold bit of experimentation since that time at summer camp that we swore we’d never talk about. We’re using the most excellent Cover It Live (example) to…cover it. LIVE! If you’re unfamiliar with this technology it means we’re going to get a bit more interactive. While our witticisms are updating LIVE you will be able to contribute all of your own thoughts and jokes. The ones that don’t totally suck will appear LIVE in the live blog window. There are all sorts of other fun features that we may or may not get into (sample LIVE poll: What variety of animal flesh is currently lodged in Berman’s teeth?).

So please join us this Saturday, but remember, you must be this drunk to ride the ride. And if you are that drunk, you should probably sign up for an email reminder and a 3 pm wakeup call for Saturday afternoon.

Sorry if I seem excited, but I’m about to go see the Wiz/Cavs LIVE (ape note: for those not superwealthy like the Maj, follow along with my live blog at SbB)! I just hope I don’t get kicked out before Brendan (he earned that n!) Haywood.

*Does not apply to Jet fans.

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