“Musically I Can’t See Nobody Movin’ Me…”

10.27.09 8 years ago 12 Comments

A few of you might know I got reason to frequent local rap gatherings in and around Detroit and in midst of seeing literally hundreds acts over the past two years, an extremely small number of these so-called MCs have actually been unique enough to stand out. A few months back, however, I ran into one of the few exceptions smack dab in the middle of the hood, at the always aroused Halftime Bar & Bluntsmoke Emporium. Around midnight, the crowd became more a buzz than usual when in walked none-another than former grill of the MSU Spartans, Mateen Cleaves. Truthfully, the fact that a national champion was in the house didn’t surprise me as much as the fact that a national champion would be supporting one of these local false baller rappers.

About fifteen deep, Mr. 10-Day Contract’s goon squad appeared identical, as they were sporting matching black tees, which had the familiar name Jon Conner plastered across the front in flashy white, Epcot-letters.

Obviously that is the rapper in question and like I said, the kid was better than most. All glitz aside, this Flint native had the crowd drawn in like stencils with his severely somber and encapsulating ode to battling materialism, “High Life,” the pinnacle of his extremely solid 2008 mixtape, The Calling Pt. 2: The Second Coming. Looking around the room, you saw lots of slow-nodding heads, with eyes closed and their hands proudly in full Errol Flynn. The moment was pretty awesome, and so is this song.

Bang this joint, support real rappers like Jon Conner and I promise good things will happen to you.


Download — Jon Conner – “High Times”

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