Jon Connor – “Broken Mirrors” Video

03.02.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Most of the time, the easiest videos to make are the ones where you can just mimic the words of the song. But, just because the lyrics are easily represented, doesn’t make the final product any less potent. This is exactly what Jon Connor proves with his new “Broken Mirrors” visual, as Flint’s new flagship artist brings to life the best track from his Salvation project. Showing the three different, twisted scenarios that made the song stand-out in the first place, this specific piece of output from Connor shows how meaningful hip-hop can be when the artist takes himself out of the equation from a first-hand perspective and strictly uses life experiences to show the world their plight.

On top of that, it shows why Jon Connor is one of the most complete new jacks currently rocking a mic – despite what any magazine has to say.

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