Jon Connor – “Judge And Jury” Video

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jon connor unconscious state

“This the criteria when you feel like people ain’t hearing ya
Mixtape every two months, god damn is this n*gga serious, yeah
Cuz now I feel like they backed me into a corner
They keep tryna fuck me feel like they backed me into a porno
Peep it, you motherfuckers ain’t blind, I know u see it, while I go
So hard, look what I got to compete with
Whack n*ggas with deals with multi-millionaire dollar budgets
N*ggas with co-signs, that shine, cuz of who they fuck with
Sons and daughters of artists that make it cuz of they fathers
And whether they’re good or not they gon’ see B.E.T regardless
But I never get discourage, keep going, I go the hardest
Shit I’m just a kid from Flint tryna make it caught up in all this” — Jon Connor, “8 Mile Road”

We’ve been riding the Jon Connor express for years now, but as the Flint native toils away, unleashing quality mixtape after quality mixtape (The People’s Rapper is a personal favorite), I get the feeling that people aren’t giving buddy his due props. It could be his constant refusal of putting out a signature “radio song” – half of his material bemoans sell-outs and punchline rappers – but whatever the case, he’s lived in the “one break away from blowing up” lane for as long as I’ve known about him. And as hip-hop fans know, you can only live that life for so many years before people just move on. For every late career renaissance guy (see: Killer Mike), there are 10 rappers who just didn’t quite make it.

Anyways, Connor’s gives “Judge And Jury” – a highlight from the typically great Unconscious State – the video treatment. As hungry as we’ve seen Connor – a bold statement, considering the career he’s made out of being under-appreciated – ‘Jury’ is just begging to be bumped on repeat by any and every junior varsity working hard to get the call-up. Find yourself in that boat? Hit play and support the everlasting grind of Mr. Connor.

Connor’s Unconscious State is available now on iTunes.

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