Jon Gruden Was At His Most Gruden On Monday Night

10.29.13 4 years ago 43 Comments

Though Seahawks-Rams went down to the very end, few would have imagined going in that it would be much of a contest. Which might explain why Jon Gruden prepared for the game took an extra strength dose of whatever drug Gruden uses. No matter the reason, Chucky was extra crazy during this week’s MNF, whether it was singing at the outset of the broadcast or dropping quotes like this: “He comes faster than a speeding bullet. That’s why I nicknamed him The Roadrunner, Mike. Because if he catches you, you’re through.”

Thankfully, the folks at Reddit made sure to transcribe some of his loonier quotes from the night. Behold:

“He should voicemail get open!”

“Mike, the best band to ever come out of Seattle was, of course, Pearl Jam. And that’s what I expect the Seahawks to do – just jam it up the middle.”

“The Seahawks defense has to go balls deep to win this game.”

“I bet you like sitting at red lights.”

“I just wanna see some football, man”

“Ultra high speed slow mo”

“Mike, did you ever see the movie ‘Cast Away?’ In that movie, Tom Hanks’ only friend was a ball named Wilson. In this game, Russell Wilson’s only friend is a football.”

Oh, and in case you wanted to hear Jon Gruden sing Manfred Mann, here you go:

The only thing missing was more kettlebell workouts.

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