Jon Gruden In Booty Shorts: No, No, Too Sexy

05.28.13 4 years ago 25 Comments

Back in April, Jon Gruden stopped by a hair salon in Tampa to get his trademark Chucky hair trimmed. An otherwise unremarkable event was made memorable by Gruden’s decision to stop in the salon wearing the shortest shorts he could get his hands on. The photo escaped the notice of the Internet for a while. Perhaps it just took that long for our eyes to adjust to that much exposed coach thigh. Now, however, it’s getting the attention and ridicule it deserves.

Let’s not be too cruel to Gruden, though. When you spend 20 hours a day absorbing game tape, you need those legs to breathe. Besides, it’s not as though disturbingly tiny shorts aren’t commonplace coach apparel. Bill Belichick was elevating his tiny shorts game before Gruden ever started roaming the sidelines.

[Busted Coverage via Twitter]

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