Jon Stewart Continues To Expose Hypocrisy Of Republican Party, FOX News For Government Shutdown

10.02.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

Jon Stewart Shutdown-RNC

Jon Stewart keeps this up and this fight will be more one-sided than the last Mayweather title bout.

Just 24 hours after taking the GOP to task for seemingly holding America hostage and shutting down the government because of their hatred for ObamaCare, Stew doubled back. This time with a jab and right hook combination to the chin. In the segment, titled “March of Dumbs,” the famed TV personality reveals the hypocrisy in certain claims and how idiotic they sound when broken down (like The Affordable Healthcare Act being just as bad as Jim Crow, or slavery or something like that).

We’re entering day two of this shutdown debacle and it’s sickening to hear some people rationalize what’s going on as merely a joke. Especially when individuals I know personally depend on either paychecks from the government or support in various forms. They don’t get paid, but members of Congress – the reason we’re in the mess we’re in now – sure are.

Sounds about right.

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