Josh Cribbs’s First Feature Film Has A Movie Poster: THE MURDERS OF BRANDYWINE THEATER

05.16.13 4 years ago 15 Comments

Image via Eddy Spaghetti Productions

Josh Cribbs has more than a new contract in Oakland to celebrate, the independent horror film THE MURDERS OF BRANDYWINE THEATER he stars in with wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, Martin Klebba (PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN, “Scrubs” and Dian Bachar (BASEKETBALL, “South Park”, “Two Guys, A Girl And A Pizza Place”) and no less than Les Claypool of Primus as the voice of Moxxy released its first movie post this week.

The film’s logline looks intriguing,

A small town loser and puppeteer finally finds the courage he’s lacked all his life when his dummy, Moxxy, starts speaking up for him and, eventually, begins murdering those who always pushed him around.

Interestingly enough, it was the film’s shooting location of Kent, Ohio landed Cribbs the role. Cribbs, a graduate of Kent State University, heard about the production and approached writer and director Larry Longstreth about being in the movie:

I got an e-mail from Josh Cribbs’ agent asking if Josh could be involved. And we were excited, I mean it’s always exciting when people reach out to us like this but we were only a week or so away from shooting.”

A role was written for Cribbs and as they say, the rest is cinemagic history. Cribbs, who previously has been on “The League” and “Hot In Cleveland”, is hoping to have a second career as an actor once his playing days are over.

Wonder if he can get Les Claypool to sign a guitar pick for us.


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