“Judge Dredd” Pics: Buckethead Enforces the Law

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02.07.12 6 Comments

Two observations:
– Olivia Thirlby looks pretty stoned.
– That helmet is faithful to the comics, and looks f-ing ridiculous.
Comics Alliance has a few pictures up of the new Judge Dredd movie, and it…well…it looks about like what we expected from a movie that doesn’t even have an IMDB page yet. that doesn’t use its title for its IMDB page (thanks, ScottBaiosGhost!) The director drama aside, though, so far this doesn’t look terrible, just not very creative in the cinematography. “Dredd” will probably be out in 2013: in addition to not having an IMDB page yet, they also don’t have a US release date, but we’re sure Lionsgate will release it. Eventually.

This is how you know your date has not gone well.
Judge Dredd on a school visit.
images courtesy Lionsgate

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