Juicy J – “Beautiful Ones”

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
05.05.14 2 Comments

As artists age, the content they tend to cover in their music narrows. For some, it allows them to get completely in tune with his subject matter, the associated nuances and audience wants to create music people easily gravitate to. Juicy J knows his strengths and weaknesses as an older artist, which is how we get a song like “Beautiful Ones.”

Having been around the globe on more than one trip, Juice is well aware of what listeners want out of him: the chance turn up, drug mentions and explanations regarding women. The last one has been a specialty for the former Three 6 member since his early days, leaving him with a vast amount of authority on the topic.

“Take a look at her bank account
Shorty ain’t got a dime
She only get out of bed
So she can twerk on Vine
Time to go get some money, baby
Don’t care if you popular
She think she’s a model
‘Cause she’s got 3,000 followers”

Yes, it’s safe to say the Juiceman knows about these thots, both young and old, and they’re the focus on “Beautiful Ones.” He calls out their every move like a sports commentator whose seen every trick in the book. And even though we know what he’s going to say, he still finds refreshing new ways to talk about the scandalous birds he’s loved before.

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