Juicy J – “Drugged Up” x “This B*tch By My Side” Videos

02.21.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Had the O.G. Juiceman been making his solo rounds when D.A.R.E. still had an influence over children’s brainwaves, he just may have benefited from a load of extra publicity as the movement’s arch-nemesis. In other words, if Juicy J actually abuses substances a fourth of the amount he says in the rhymes, he should be able to get you high just by taking off his shades and locking eyes with you. Blue Dream & Lean was further proof that his piss tests and lockup are futile and to further incriminate himself, he fires off a pair of visuals.

They’re merely nothing but him hanging out with a plethora of rappers, “bitches” by his side and the White Girl Mob in simulated recording sessions, but such is life for the rapstar rocker. If you’ve been sleeping on the party, download the mixtape and get trippy, mane. It’s never too late for trippy.

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