Jule$ – “Mary Jane” Video

04.09.13 5 years ago

The past couple of weeks have had me wishing Mary Jane was back in my life. However, I can always find solace in knowing Hip-Hop and the artists in it will always smoke enough weed for the both of us. Jule$ is an MC out Atlanta my homie Ali’s been attempting to put me on for a few months now, but I’m just getting around to doing so. In preparation for a project set to drop on rap’s most lovable unofficial holiday (4/20), the “Mary Jane” video serves as the precursor. I’ve still yet to form a solid opinion on buddy, but figure that’ll come with more with time as I sit/ride with his music.

But check this, April 20 is a Saturday. Head to the store before next weekend to load up on snacks, juices and roll ups. You’ve got a lot of music to digest, including Jule$. Well, inhale.

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