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G-Side 25 Lighters

Since the beginning of March, yours truly has been highly excitable due to the fact that BOOSIE IS NOW FREE and the cluster…of fun that’s also known as SXSW being right around the corner! I’m so excited to trade the dreary constant rain in Seattle for the warmer weather in Texas. This time next week, I’ll be roaming around the streets of Austin with my TSS hat and trusted fanny pack, looking for whatever trouble I can find.

G-Side – “25 Lighters”

Internet rap nerds have done their fair share of weeping over G-Side. First, when they broke up, and second, when they got back together. I’m trying to think of a comparable celebrity romance to compare it to, and for some reason, the only one that comes to mind is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. I don’t think that’s terribly accurate, but nonetheless, make of that what you will.

“25 Lighters” is the duo’s take on DJ DMD’s song of the same name with Lil Keke and Fat Pat. Singer Crystal Carr adds vocals, and no one should find themselves feeling disappointed by this remake with trusted producers Block Beattaz.

water diamonds shyst red young thug
Shyst Red Ft. Young Thug – “Water Diamonds”

Okay, okay, I know we’re all quickly approaching being tired of Thugger Thugger. I can make that generalization because I like him more than the average person, and even I’m getting a little weary of seeing his name so much (Lord help me if I’m saying that about Boosie this time next week).

Another thing that I wanted to mention, though, is Young Thug’s label situation. Billboard recently reported that he’s still signed to 1017. YT has also said that he’s signed to YMCMB, and Freebandz at one point, too. Basically, he’s trolling us all, and it’s highly amusing to me.

That being said, “Water Diamonds” is a slapper. My favorite part of it is neither of the rappers, but BB Slimm’s beat. Dare I say, it’s like “Jack Tripper,” but on steroids. Normally, YT is dominant and vocally all over the place, but it keeps them, especially Thugger, in check.

“Water Diamonds,” will appear on Shyst Red’s upcoming tape Black Migo Shyst, as it is appropriately named for both him and the fact that he’s signed to Young Scooter’s Black Migo Gang. In related news, I always get a little dyslexic and think of him as “Red Shit.” It’s unfortunate.

Migos – “Emmitt Smith” Video

Your obligatory Migos mention of the week. “Emmitt Smith” features the trio and some hoes for their football-themed song. I always find the big-budget videos to be particularly entrancing, and this is no different. #KanyeShrug

Deniro Farrar Burning Bills
Deniro Farrar – “Burning Bills” (Prod. By Lunice)

If you follow Deniro Farrar on Instagram, you’ll notice how incredibly happy he looks most of the time. It’s sweet, and almost melts my icebox of a heart.

It’s hard to imagine that Deniro Farrar, the one that wishes his Cult Family good morning on twitter, as being the same Deniro Farrar on “Burning Bills.” This latest song features a nice contrast between Deniro’s gravelly, diabolical chanting of “let it burn let it burn let it burn” with Lunice’s dancing, electronic music. The bass is like the frosting on top of it all, too.

100s ivry

100s Ft. Cherub – “Different Type Of Love”

It’s March, and 100s is in the running to have the best artwork of the year with his recently released, free.99 tape through Fools Gold, IVRY (get it here, now). He’s channeling that classic west coast pimp rap, and copies my work ‘fit of a turtleneck and long, straight hair parted down the middle.

That’s neither here nor there, and certainly not a factor in why “Different Kind Of Love” is my favorite from the tape. While it’s definitely of the same vibe as everything else, the beat moves with more of a steady purpose; it’s not just content to just chill, and I tend to gravitate toward more songs like that.

Ca$h Out – “Don’t Make You Real”

Cash Out has a couple cool songs here and there. I still jam out to “Touch Ya Toes” frequently while I’m at the gym. What is it with ratchet rap and working out? It’s a great combination, whatever the reason is, they go together like peanut butter and jelly, or black clothes and black clothes, my wardrobe of choice.

The message behind “Don’t Make You Real” is welcomed by yours truly. In fact, I really, really like it and appreciate it. I wish people would care more about their character – not the Rick Ross corrections officer turnt rapper type of character – and realize material items and money don’t make them who they are. I dont mean to invoke Nicki Minaj’s classic song that is always referenced between my girlfriends and I, but it’s not hard to see through the dudes’ lame brags about lame stuff, or even some local struggle rappers who are bragging about money that we all know they don’t have. They’re not fooling anyone.

Rumor has it, according to Noisey, that Cash Out inked a deal for over $3 million with EOne Records that could actually approach almost $6 million after incentives. That won’t make him real.

A couple other cool things dropped during this first full week of March. Last weekend, I received one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever heard.

“Julie, you are dressed like a rapper signed to Brickquad.”

I was speechless. I was dressed pretty ridiculously, though, with my “coke white” puffy jacket with fur, camo pants, just one chain, and these wedge heel lace-up boots. Just another night on the town, of course.

Future’s video for “Move That Dope” dropped minus that Casino verse, and in various scenes, he’s dressed weird like me! Not like me like me, but just weird, in general. And while we’re at it, P needs to ditch that hat. I’m tired of pretending that it’s cute just because Pharrell is flawless.

Super Future has his own video game now, too, that can be played here! And make sure you check out that “Run The Jewels” video because it’s awesome.

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