Mila Kunis And Channing Tatum Offered The Leads In The Wachowski's Star Wars

Entertainment Editor
03.27.12 5 Comments

Last time we heard about The Wachowski’s Jupiter Ascending, they were courting Natalie Portman for the lead. Before that, Warner was developing it under the title Jupiter Rising, and it was rumored to be a potential franchise about space colonies at war. It’s on track to start production later this year instead of the prior plan to start in the Spring of 2012 (as in right . . . now), and casting is moving ahead quickly since Natalie Portman hasn’t signed.

Warner has offered the lead roles in the film to adorable WoW-player Mila Kunis and Filmdrunk favorite Channing Tatum (AKA C-Tates). Kunis sounds like an awesome choice (for anything, really), but I’m not psyched about Channing Tatum in a new sci-fi franchise. Dude should stick to comedies and taking his shirt off. We all have our skills.

Jupiter Ascending Please Rename This will be the Wachowski’s first action sci-fi franchise since the Matrix trilogy grossed $1.6 billion worldwide. Their drama Cloud Atlas is in post-production and their last release was Speed Racer (2008), a movie I completely forgot existed until just now. Let’s hope this next movie is more “first Matrix” and less “everything else”.

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