Juse Dayne – “Popular Demand”

02.25.10 8 years ago 29 Comments

First impressions mean everything. Often times the difference between an opportunity and a missed one. With that said, meet Juse Dayne.

The Camden, New Jersey, native (who spent his teen years in Virginia) is preparing his introduction into the crowded lobby that is Hip-Hop. Over the span of the coming months, Juse intends to release what he calls the Transcend Trilogy. Three mixtapes with 11 tracks a piece all 33 days apart from one another. The first tape, Informal Introduction, is just that, an introduction. Over the course of the tape, the listener will have the opportunity to get to know and hear Dayne over some of the industry’s most infectious instrumentals. The remaining two feature original production.

In its entirety, Informal… doesn’t come out until March 3 (April 5 and May 8 are the other release dates). Juse’s first stint on TSS, however, is a vocal exercise over a beat Malice and Pusha previously laid to rest. It may not be Cam’s “ESPN Freestyle,” but it is an impressive lyrical sports outing nonetheless. He even managed to slide a Ralph Sampson reference in there. So yeah, here’s that first impression I was talking about.


Download – Juse Dayne – “Popular Demand”

And another one.


Download – Juse Dayne – “Run This Town”

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