Hey, Rap Nerds! Come Check Out The Second Part Of Just Blaze & Young Guru’s Interview!

06.07.13 4 years ago 6 Comments

just blaze young guru interview

Rap nerds can’t resist Hip-Hop tales from the genre’s elders. Hard Knock TV remains well aware of the trend and, for our amusement, brings us part two of Just Blaze’s and Yung Guru’s conversation (check part one here). The pair reminisce on the good ‘ol days of Roc-a-fella. Yet the “Keep It Real Wednesdays” portion struck the biggest chord for me.

Imagine getting your beats played in Bassline Studio’s lounge in front of the whole team. Then picture yourself, Mr. Young Hot Shit, getting your hard worked hiked on with Dame Dash leading the charge. Let’s not forget Just Blaze held in years of frustration over Dame clowning his fake Jets jersey/rhinestone belt combo. So, does the “Keep It Real Wednesdays” challenge still sound like a fun time?

Shoot, I’d still do it just to say I did and for the “I Survived Keep It Real Wednesdays” shirt. Then I’d lie to all my friends about getting placement on the next Jay-Z album. The truth would eventually come out but at least I’d have a good story for the grand kids.

There’s much more to the 15 minute video so click play and enjoy. It’s not like you’re doing work on a Friday anyway.

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