Just A Reminder: Fans Are The Worst

10.14.13 4 years ago 42 Comments

(via Getty Image)

The real losers yesterday turned out not to be on the field or on the sidelines (sorry Greg Schiano), but in the stands, as fans in both San Francisco and Houston did normal fan-type things like cheering and the wave, except when they did these fan-type things players were down with injuries on the field.

In Houston, the hometown fans cheered when beleaguered Texans quarterback Matt Schaub went down in the third quarter, while in San Francisco, visiting Arizona Cardinals players had to suffer through the wave while defensive end Calais Campbell was carried off the field on a backboard. So for all the hand-wringing and garment-rendering over hits to the head, the knees, or anywhere else on a football player’s body, it turns out fans when allowed to act in a large anonymous mass really don’t give a flying fig about injuries on the field.

You see that, Niner fans? A corporate CEO by birthright who was groomed on Wall Street just apologized for your behavior, it was so reprehensible! A Millennial born into a CEO position and groomed on Wall Street, at that!

We can’t even look at you right now, San Francisco, we’re so disgusted. Houston, we sort of expect that sort of behavior out of you, because of your innate Texasness, but San Francisco. You’re supposed to be our metropolitan city, at least better than Kansas City.


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