Justin Bieber – “All Bad”

11.11.13 4 years ago 2 Comments


Despite his life outside of the booth becoming nearly as big of a headline as everything inside it, Justin Bieber continues his #MusicMondays series with the newest installment, “All Bad.” Following in line with previous chapters, “Bad” features a more subdued teen pop idol waxing poetics to an unnamed young lady hesitant to invest time because of the rumors and bad press surrounding his good name.

Just keep releasing quality music because it’s going to keep everything at bay for the most part, Young Bieber. Next time, however, do not – I repeat DO NOT – fall asleep with any young lady in the room that’s not your ol’ lady. Also, perhaps even more important, make sure security knows no cell phones ever, under any circumstances, make it into the hotel room.

“All Bad” just won’t be the title of the song if slip ups like this continue to occur.

Bonus: Since we missed out on last week, take the previous release, the appropriately-titled, “Bad Day.”

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