Journals Pt. II: The Justin Bieber Mugshot Memes Edition

01.23.14 4 years ago 15 Comments

We know how this process works. None of us are new here. Celebrity A does something foolish. The Internet gets wind of and nothing was the same.

Cue Justin Bieber and his month long terrorization of American neighborhoods from coast-to-coast. The Biebs appears hellbent on surpassing Chris Brown as pop music’s bad boy and his latest infraction – a DUI in Miami only a day after dropping more than most people’s salaries in singles at K.O.D. – provided the Internet another golden opportunity to rag on the international, drunk textin’ superstar.

Ladies and gents, Justin Bieber and his various mugshots.

Justin Bieber Mugshot Meme 2

Justin Bieber Mugshot Meme 3

Justin Bieber Mugshot Meme

Bieber Miley gif

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