Justin Bieber’s Ghost Writer Is Never Going To Hell

11.02.11 6 years ago 38 Comments

Maybe I’m a hater. But I adamantly refuse to believe Justin Bieber wrote these bars. Regardless, he just set the bar.

All rappers now have one day to come up with 60 bars. If they’re not better than what Bieber just did, then it’s time to quit the game. Tom Brady’s half-pint doppleganger actually goes in surprisingly well. Drake? Luda? Skillz? Whoever wrote these lines, please stand up. Because if Bieber did it, then brains are going to explode.

Whatever the case, he’s definitely making strides to a blockbuster rap career. He’s cranking out freestyles and knocking hoes up in the bathroom backstage at his shows. It’s clear that Bieber bought the “How To Make It As A Rapper” book that Lil Wayne wrote from jail.

If you really need it, grab the mp3 by clicking here. No questions asked and we won’t judge you.


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