Please Let K Camp’s “”Cut Her Off” Remix Video Be The Last Time I Hear This Song

Managing Hip-Hop Editor
07.15.14 17 Comments

k camp cut her off remix video

K Camp’s “Cut Her Off” invariably stands to be one of the summer’s anthems. It’s impossible to go anywhere without hearing it, or finding someone humming the catchy melody. A couple of weeks ago, “Cut Her…’ was stuck in my head something awful. People would talk to me and explain a situation that was frustrating them and, in my mind, I’d be responding “It ain’t nothin to cut that bitch off, off.”

With that said, I’ve grown weary from constantly hearing the song. True, it started off with a crazy amount of energy and pushed its way into our brains. But now, each time I hear is like Groundhog Day, every play draining what little life is left in either the song or me.

I understand how hard it is for artists to make a hit song so when it happens they have to milk it for what it’s worth. At the same time, K’s toeing the line giving the song what I call “The Rocko Effect,” where the overexposure and senseless number of remixes have an opposite of the intended effect.

Congrats, K Camp. You’ve seized your 15 minutes with this song. But in order to stretch that time out, it’s time to find another song(s) with similar sticking power.

And, if you’re wondering why share the video if I’m so exhausted by the song, because Boosie, that’s why.

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