Kanye Vs. Drake: A Timeline Of Their Passive-Aggressive Beef

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Drake and Kanye re-accepted each other’s friend request last night. It was a moment, despite all the jokes Twitter could come up with, that was pretty big deal in many regards as two of rap’s biggest names of the post-Biggie and Pac era united on stage at a packed house at Drake’s OVO Fest. What many may have been unaware of was the notion that Aubrey and Kanye have been involved in perhaps the most passive-aggressive rap feud since Jay Z and Mase nearly 15 years earlier.

Yeah, we know, it shocked the hell out of a lot of people. To help bring everyone up to speed, we’ve compiled a list of various moments from the two during their not-so-friendly days. And if we’ve forgotten anything, it’s not our fault. It was a lot easier to pick up on disrespect when names were mentioned!

“Best I Ever Had” Video (July 2009)

Kanye West directed Drake’s first big video and it totally backfired. Yeezy’s love of chesticles derailed Drake’s momentum as people trashed the video and women’s rights groups panned its misogyny. Drake ended up with a mess that he was left alone to apologize for.

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Drake And Amber (September 2010)

Drake, the rebound king and lover of other men’s women, invited Amber Rose into Marvin’s Room and was seen out and about with her. Immediately, the rumors surfaced that Drizzy was giving her the biz. This is what many people see as the initial rift. So when Kanye rapped “And the whole industry want to f*ck your old chick/ Only nigga I got respect for is Wiz” it was seen as a shot at Drake.

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Kanye vs. 40 and Boi1da (October 2010)

40 once said in passing that Kanye cursed him out for using his drums, then Drake’s other producer sent out this tweet: “Lol @ Kanye West talking bout stealing swag, when hes made a career of sampling records SMDH #TheAudacity”

Boi1da later tried to wish it all away but the rifts between camps were already showing.

“Ghetto University” (December 2010)

The original “All Of The Lights” was a song called “Ghetto University” and it was to feature Drake. Drake, though, got gutted from the track. You’d think with a million guests, Kanye would want to fit him in but it wasn’t to be. Drake, though, was diplomatic about it.

“Kanye’s creative process is ever-changing,” Drake said, adding that he doesn’t know why he was removed. “We make music differently. I make what comes to me and I hate changing it, whereas ‘Ye will change something 30 or 40 times to get it perfect. To each their own, and the change was to put all those people on it, and I wasn’t one of them. That’s completely OK.”

Biting The Throne (January 2011)

Before Jay and Kanye started working on their joint album, Wayne and Drake had been teasing putting one out. So when the Throne album started making media rounds, Drake had something to say.

We still got to do that album. I heard two other guys are coming out with an album together, too. There’s two other rappers are coming out with an album together. I don’t know where they got that idea but… I caught wind of it through the grapevine that there’s some other album with two guys rapping on it.

DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One” (May 2011)

On “I’m On One” Drake rapped “I’m just feelin’ like The Throne is for the takin’/ Watch me take it”…we’re on to you, buddy.

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The Throne’s “Otis” (July 2011)

There’s a belief that Yeezy’s lines were for Drake: “I adopted these n—as/ Philip Drummond them/ Now, I’m about to make them tuck they whole summer in”

Lil Wayne’s “It’s Good” (September 2011)

When Wayne started aiming his salvos at Jay and said he’d kidnap Beyonce, Drake set the stage by throwing a chair into the passive aggressive fracas: “Mind in one place heart in another/ Please pardon my brother, he’s just angry at you n*ggas/ Who dont have your heart in your rap shit and got too fuckin comfy/ Cause we still f*ckin hungry, Young Money, got the munchies.”

OVO Fest (August 2013)

Things seem to be fine, now as the two MCs became besties again. If you think the whole “feud” thing was made up, just check Drake’s pose. He’s standing like Jay and Nas did when they got over their beef – clearly alluding to the fact that this is also the end of a feud.

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