Kanye Explains Why He Brought Jesus On Tour, Talks Illuminati & His “White Voice”

10.22.13 4 years ago 29 Comments

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At a certain point, we all reach Kanye overload. But again and again I say rap’s more fun when Kanye’s around and he proves it with a recent interview with San Francisco’s The JV Show. ‘Ye’s been very open and candid in all of his recent talks and the trend continues as he explains how conversations with Kim and religious friends helped him to understand how including Jesus in his recent stage show makes sense. “…We do plays all the time where people play Jesus,” he declared. “What’s awesome about Christianity is that we are allowed to portray God.”

The discussion shifts to his decision to portray Jesus as white and Kanye’s push to create a dialogue. “Anytime the word Jesus can be used more in our lives, it’s a good thing. Even if it’s the title Yeezus,” ‘Ye explained. “With my heroes, people want to be like Mike, I want to be like Christ.” The Illuminati (it’s a “distraction”), class and social structure end up in the convo and Kanye admits to using “the white voice” in certain settings.

All in all, the short, insightful convo is probably the most coherent speech we’ve heard from the Chicago guy in a while. The Zane Lowe and Kimmel talks seemed fueled by either too much excitement or maybe even negative energy. In the JV setting, ‘Ye’s more at ease and thus his thoughts are better understood.

When he goes on these interviews or long rants, I’m often left wondering if it’s the real Kanye, authentic in his words and beliefs, or if it’s the stage version, flipping a switch to become this dynamic personality meant to generate a reaction from people. The decision to agree or disagree with his artistic direction can be left up to the individual. Yet, here we get a clearer glimpse into the mind of Kanye.

At least now we get a better picture of what’s going on in the mind of the self-proclaimed genius.

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