Kanye “Muthaf*ckin” West Addresses Grammy “Snub”

Life Writer
12.11.13 30 Comments

Kanye’s falling off because I expected an all-caps Twitter tirade chastising the Recording Academy followed by a press conference on racism and classism within the Academy for not nominating Yeezus as its “Album of The Year” and everything-else-of-the-year.

Instead, what we get is a relatively calmer ‘Ye addressing a Phoenix audience while on his Yeezus tour. Kanye feels that because his latest album is the “top one or two album on every single list” (side-eye), Yeezus deserves more than the two nominations it received. The 21-time Grammy award winner received a “Best Rap Song” nom for “New Slaves” and “Best Rap Album” for Yeezus.

‘Ye was also heckled by a female fan during a San Antonio show recently. That audacious cunt had the balls to ask Kanye to remove his pricey Maison Martin Margiela mask. Can you believe that? Audacious Cunt clearly doesn’t know diddly squat about performance art and because of that, Kanye booted her ignorant ass from his show.

Hopefully next time ‘Ye comes to town, she’s up on her education.

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