Yeezus Walks: Kanye West Reportedly Leaves Nike, Signs Deal With adidas?

11.21.13 4 years ago 29 Comments

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Words By Retro Boogie

Something else major happened last night at the NYC stop of the Yeezus tour, besides the opulence that is Stephanie Santiago’s ATCQ bodypaint. adidas took notice of Kanye West’s intense desire for fashion after his Zane Lowe interview and reportedly signed him to a deal with the brand’s fashion-focused range Y-3 to produce a sneaker plus a clothing line.

Given Y-3’s line of edgier and trendsetting designs, this union could prove to be fruitful for all parties involved. Running around with double flannels and necklines drunker than your uncle, Kanye is a solid fit for the oft-misunderstood clothing line. It takes risks and isn’t your typical night-out-on-the-town clothing, but Ye’s always been about pushing boundaries so it’s good to see him partnered up with a like-minded company.

While the Yeezy line with Nike turned heads, and the Louis Vuitton line killed in terms of sales, this news will let Kanye just be a producer of things with little to no pushback, and on a massive scale. Who knows, it might just take DONDA on its way to be a trillion dollar company like he dreamed.

Go forth and prosper Ye. Just don’t charge fans $120 for a “hip hop shirt.”

Update: It appears Kanye did speak on his new deal publicly in recent weeks (listen at the 1:40 mark). Also below, video footage from Wednesday night with Kanye takes shots at Nike’s Mark Parker around the 8:20 mark.

So while we can’t confirm it’s adidas, we can clearly tell he’s no longer with Nike…because you don’t just run around publicly calling out Parker.

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