So, Kanye West Might Be Making An ‘Anchorman 2’ Album With Paul Rudd?

11.11.13 4 years ago 18 Comments

will ferrell ron burgundy

Word debunked a bit of Internet hype last week, so we all know what the deal is. In this week’s edition, MTV’s European Music Awards featured an interesting red carpet interview with Will Ferrell in full-on Ron Burgundy, Anchorman 2 promo mode. In the interview, Burgundy revealed that Kanye West and Paul Rudd are in the studio together, making a super-secret Anchorman 2-inspired album. reported the bit as “news,” in an effort that really seems like Internet bait.

So, let’s address the story’s different shades of reality.

Reality number one: Kanye West is one of several musicians who’ll make appearances in Anchorman 2. This much we know is for certain since pics from the set surfaced a while ago.

Reality number two: If Ferrell is being genuine… why, exactly? Combining two things I love isn’t always a good idea, guys! Nobody wants bacon in their ice cream, unless you’re just trying to be super quirky.

Reality number three: Ferrell is just messing around, a scenario that seems much more likely. MTV ran with it, and now we’re discussing MTV. Which is probably exactly what they wanted, so…

*Slams laptop shut*

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