Kanye’s Outfits Again Proved That He Gives Zero F*cks

12.29.12 5 years ago 34 Comments

It’s best to just leave pictures of Kanye West’s wardrobe from his show last night in Atlantic City below–and above–and let the TSS commentariat wager their thoughts on what in the flying f*ck he was thinking. Of note–since these sorts of things should be expressed to give the whole journalistic five Ws treatment–Maison Martin Margiela designed the outfits; the show took place at Revel in Atlantic City; occurred during performances of “Heartless,” among others and, well, it’s not known why he did it. Like he needs a reason.

#GlamorBoyStatus #ZeroF*cksGiven #KimsMainB*tch

Also of note–but not necessarily related to Kanye’s Ice Planet Hoth uniform–GQ wrote a very interesting profile about Ricardo Tisci, the man behind French luxury outfit Givenchy and a frequent Kanye West aesthetic collaborator. Could give some further insight into Mr. West’s sartorial choices.

Now, behold.

Photos: Buzzfeed

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