Part Two Of Kanye West’s BBC Interview Is The Best Sequel Since ‘Empire Strikes Back’

09.24.13 4 years ago 44 Comments

Kanye West Zane Lowe BBC Radio 1 Big

Oh my God. I love this so much.

“I like some of the Gaga’s songs…but what the F*CK DOES SHE KNOW ABOUT CAMERAS?!”

Kanye West is a national treasure and every time he talks my organs smile. I have no clue exactly what Kanye West is talking about in his second BBC interview (hear part one here) but I can’t not keep listening to it. Everything. Just everything. His new voice. His passion. His attempt to maintain his new voice as batsh*t crazy Yeezy takes over.

From now on, my life will be split between moments of listening to Kanye West’s BBC interview and moments when I’m about to listen to Kanye West’s BBC interview.

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