Kareem Ft. Que – “I Know” Video x BCC Mixtape

02.22.13 5 years ago 7 Comments

Straight out of the city Boosie helped build with his bare hands comes Kareem and Que’s “I Know” visual. And before taking off running the opposite direction because the names fail to ring a bell, you might want to reconsider. The song is smoother than a shot of Crown Royal Black on chill and one I’m already eagerly anticipating let ride out in the car over the weekend. And if Spitta somehow finds his way on the remix, even better. Depth isn’t found in surplus amounts here and social commentary is best left for another place at another time.

What it is, however, is all the reason needed to check out Kareem’s BCC mixtape. At best, guess who just uncovered a new artist from Baton Rouge to dedicate some attention to moving forward. At worst, this is the only song worth a damn, and even still I make out like a champ. Win-win situations are always appreciated, especially when they’re involving Hip-Hop.

Screw it, let’s give the tape a run. We’re playing with house money anyway.

DownloadKareem – BCC Mixtape

Seen: DGB

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