Katy Perry Feat. Kanye West – “E.T. (Remix)”

02.16.11 7 years ago 12 Comments

Kanye tacks on two verses for Katy’s “E.T.,” which is the only way I can be roped into checking for her music honestly without it coming packaged as a video. I genuinely tried listening to some song of hers the other day and almost Van Gogh’ed myself. I guess I’m visual and need the moving images or at least a picture of her to distract my ears long enough to listen to her howl. In fact, a friend told me they scored concert tickets to one of her upcoming shows and my reaction, part Freudian slip, was “why would you subject yourself to that experience?”

Yeah, I’m an a**hole but appreciating her in from asexual approach and on music alone? Enh.


Katy Perry Feat. Kanye West – “E.T. (Remix)”

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