Kaytranada – “Hilarity Duff”

10.18.13 4 years ago

Kaytranada Hilarity

Kaytranada’s name buzzes these days via his energetic party records. The young producer isn’t about that raucous life 24/7, though. He returns to his Hip-Hop roots regularly and his newest beat, “Hilarity Duff,” shows us he’s still got it. It’s a cool jam with booming bass, warbly synths and a hint of trap influence for the kids. The track’s definitely a slow burner so prepare to head-nod rather than bug out to it.

“Hilarity Duff” sits on”Hilarity Duff + At All:” his latest release with Huh, What & Where. The EP also carries his smash “At All” and the track’s official remix featuring Sango. They’re all good for test runs so survey the project below before you support the homey by paying for it over on Bandcamp.

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