Keep Kinglandia WEIRD

03.19.13 5 years ago 54 Comments

Deadspin got the scoop on Monday that Peter King is getting his own Grantland-style website from Sports Illustrated, because of course he is. After all, Peter King endeavors to be the most indulged man in the world. There’s no way some slightly younger upstart like Bill Simmons is gonna get to masturbate all over the Internet more than PK can.

The site is tentatively called Kinglandia and hopefully it stays that way, since it conjures images of a cross-dressing Peter King running a feminist bookstore. However, I’m sure the site will eventually be changed to something more befitting PK’s style, like Loftville or Nuggetpedia. So get ready for listicles with headlines like “NAME FIVE THINGS MORE DIGNIFIED THAN THE ACELA QUIET CAR” followed by “You can’t” in the body text. If nothing else, it will further accelerate my drinking myself to death.

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