Kel Spencer – “Uggs To Hugs” Video

11.07.09 8 years ago 17 Comments

Uggs are called just that for a reason; they’re terribly ugly. How Kel Spencer managed to make a cool track and video from the boots is beyond me. But he does, bringing along one of R&B’s most unheralded talents, Jesse Boykins III, for a solid collaboration.

The video is your standard “listen to me spit game while you bat your eyes at me” scenario. The ladies will think it’s cute and daydream. The song, though, is like the one you learn word-for-word, picking up game along the way so you can recite it & woo a prospective love interest. Kel Spencer’s lyrics are clever and precise, so this should be his track to unite the ladies and gentlemen.

Who’s Kel Spencer you just said? He’s just a Brooklynite golden boy finally getting his own shine after years of ghostwriting (Will Smith, Nick Cannon, MC Lyte, Wyclef, Teddy Riley, and self-promotion. Look out for his upcoming “novelty” album Salon Stories. For now, watch as “Uggs…” generates a few more fans. The song, not the boots.

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