Kendall Elijah – “The Wild” Video

03.09.12 6 years ago 2 Comments

Cinematography can be the key to capturing your audience for a few reasons. Obviously, crisp-cut editing and steady hands are essential to quality visuals, but in a genre where words are as important as they are in Hip-Hop specifically, making sure the lyrics translate into a proper video concept can dictate the success of your song. Obviously on top of his eye-appealing etiquette, Kendall Elijah’s new video for “The Wild” is a perfect example of someone making their name stand out further from having a keen sense of how their artistry should be viewed.

To help funnel his message of anti-materialism into susceptible minds, the Maryland MC enlisted director Jared Soule to give his tempting track a Wes Anderson feel and bring to life the bewilderment that can occur when you finally get exactly what you ask for. The shots look they were framed by a museum curator. The theme leaves you mesmerized. And because of both, the words echo louder than usual and ensures listeners are left searching for the Eli Dynamite EP that houses the song, despite being released almost a year ago.

If you’re an artist looking to make a splash, follow Elijah’s suit and take time grooming your image, before you start opening up to the world. Quality over quantity, folks. Works every time.

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