Kendrick Lamar – “Michael Jordan” Live @ SXSW

03.20.11 7 years ago 33 Comments

Whatever hype and bold proclamations being passed around regarding Kendrick Lamar, I have to consider them to be true after witnessing his stage show with my own eyes. Compton’s newfound hope ab-so-lute-ly shut down Bootleggers and Tastemakers on Thursday.

I started working on uploading this performance clip on Friday morning, skipping any editing because I was short on time and wanted to get it posted. However, my hotel wifi approximated 300+ minutes (fail) to upload so my dream’s deferred for now. And I’m not a video editor so excuse the choppiness but watching the two minute bit should give everyone an inkling of the energy and connection between the artist and the crowd.

No hyperbole, the floor bounced, figuratively and very much literally, and shifted a good three inches from everyone jumping on the opening songs. I would’ve recorded it…but I was bouncing too. I did manage to take myself out of moment long enough to shoot the Compton powder keg’s performance of “Michael Jordan.”

If you’re looking for a full account, check Weiss’ LA Times write-up for an accurate depiction of the exploits of Kendrick and others.

Straight vanglourious though.

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