Video: Kendrick Lamar’s SOBs Experience

09.04.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Kendrick Lamar has the easiest job in the world. When he performs, K. Dot doesn’t even have to actually rap because he fans will take care of that for him. I missed the Bootleggers & Tastemakers show at SXSW but I heard many stories about the crowd knowing every song word for word and Gotty™ thinking the stage was going to collapse. However, I did manage to catch the Nate Dogg tribute show where Kendrick performed as well and it was the exact same deal. The man can just stand back on stage and wave his arms like a conductor and his audience will go apeshit yelling back each line with as much intensity at K. Dot.

And if you still don’t take my word for it, here’s some more video evidence, this time featuring a live rendition of “A.D.H.D.” at the SOB’s in New York the other night (that’s enough acronyms for one post) as well as an additional video montage shot by Dwayne LaFleur.

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