Kevin Durant Nets 52 Points In Overtime Victory Against Dallas

01.19.13 5 years ago 16 Comments

Kevin Durant is scary good. Like the kind of good so petrifying that every time he shoots the only thing you can do is pray for the worst, which typically doesn’t happen. That’s about the best way to describe Oklahoma City’s all-everything swingman, especially following his league-high 52 points and nine rebounds Friday night in Dallas. Oh, and for good measure, he went 21-21 from the charity stripe, too.

Not the prettiest night from the field for K.D. (13-31 FG), but buddy appeared hell bent on getting to the rim causing all sorts of issues for Dallas’ rotations and help defense. The Mavs made it a game behind Vince Carter’s 29 points, forcing an extra period of basketball following OJ Mayo’s three pointer at the end of regulation. Oklahoma City won its sixth straight 117-114 led by Durant and ace boon coon Russell Westbrook who only had 31 points, six assists and six rebounds. That’s right, Trey5 and Russy combined for 83 of the team’s 117 points (or 71%).

And did I mention neither are 25 yet?

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