Kevin Durant Has A New Rap Song Out, Guys

11.27.12 5 years ago 22 Comments

How does the adage go? “Rappers wish they were NBA players, NBA players wish they weren’t totally awkward doing things unrelated to basketball…” or something?

Well Kevin Durant’s the latest to get his bars up on “The Formula.” Honestly, I’ve heard worse from NBA rappin’ bros and rappers who actually like, rap for a living. However that’s like saying losing your job is better than getting a happy ending from Rosie O’Donnell.

All isn’t lost though as there’s some unintended humor in this track. For instance, the opening “RRRAHH” before his and B-Simp’s verses are pretty hilarious in their lacking conviction. Ultimately, the song sounds like Lil B’s curse on Kevin extended to the booth. Yet it’s worth playing if you’re having a rough day.

Alright, let me stop dumping on this record. Take a listen and come to your own conclusions. I just hope KD keeps at this basketball stuff because he’s pretty good at it.

H/T: Slam

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