Kevin Durant’s Highlight Factory Came At The Dallas Mavericks’ Expense

12.28.12 5 years ago 10 Comments

Riding a two-game losing streak, one had to believe Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder would enter their national TV Thursday night date with the Mavericks pissed off. And they were, it just took them mounting a run in the fourth quarter and capitalizing off foolish Dallas decision making to do so. Durant did have his own personal field day with Chris Kaman, however.

First, there was his crossover on Kaman which led to a dunk in the half court set; a sequence someone 6’10 really shouldn’t be able to pull off, but those are the breaks when you’re one of the top two players on the planet. The second instance came when Durantula blocked Darren Collison’s shot, went coast-to-coast placing a heat seeking laser on Kaman once again only this time putting him on a poster, or in 2012 terms, a Fathead. K.D. ended with 40 points, eight rebounds, five assists and three blocks.

It was the point guard everyone seems to have an opinion about, Russell Westbrook, however, who carried the heavy lifting in overtime with six consecutive points and a crucial steal once OKC fell down three. But, anyway, to the highlights we go!

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