Kevin Faulk Weighs In On Mass. Ballot Question #2

11.04.08 9 years ago 16 Comments

Hello, my name is Kevin Faulk. I am a professional football player on your beloved New England Patriots, but I’m not here to talk about football today. Instead I’d like to tell you a little bit about something called, or as you may know it, the kickass weed decriminalization thing. Now I don’t want to sound biased or anything, but this proposed law is the greatest achievement of mankind since the ancient Mayans discovered that the insides, or “guts”, of a blunt cigar could be removed and conceivably replaced with your broken up buds. This of course is not to be confused with George Washington Carver’s famous peanut chillum, which was pretty fuckin’ dope in its own limited way.

Where was I?

Anyway, today you Massachusetts residents have the opportunity to vote in favor of decriminalizing marijuana, and as a high profile part-time resident of this fine commonwealth, I urge you to exercise your right to vote. See a little while back I was at a Lil’ Wayne concert down in my home state of Louisiana, which unfortunately isn’t nearly as progressive as my part-time home. So I had a little bit of weed on me, and I was arrested for what they consider to be a crime. I am here today to make sure that doesn’t happen to anybody in this great commonwealth. Because hey, Weezy might come here one day, and you know damn well you can’t enjoy that shit sober.

So tomorrow you need to wipe the crust out of your eyes, have a bowl of cereal, and a bowl of your own special blend before heading out and voting “Yes” on ballot question 2!

What do you mean the polls are about to close, the election is on Tuesday?

I slept through Monday again? Oh fuck it, who’s got a light for Kev?

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