Key Nyata Ft. Mackned – “FYB” Video

02.02.14 4 years ago

Most of Key Nyata’s moves seem fairly mysterious. He’s not the type of artist who’s always in your face about everything and that’s appreciated. With secrecy comes intrigue, and “FYB” is no different.

Aligning with fellow Seattle producer and rapper Mackned, the video is more than a little cloudy, and will make you wonder if you’re on drugs or are the visual effects just that strong. In fact, am I tripping out or is that an ethereal, bobbing Based God for the hook?

Since we’ve already established that the youngest Raider Klan member is operates along the lines of an enigma, it’s fitting that “FYB” is on his upcoming, untitled collaborative project that also has no release date.

H/T: Noisey

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