UPROXX Summer Guide: Kick-Ass on DVD & Blu-Ray

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Kick-Ass on DVD and Blu-Ray , August 3rd.

Well here’s an easy recommendation.  Kick-Ass is one of those movies I assume everyone I know has already seen, but judging by its famously underwhelming $48 million domestic take at the box office, that must not be the case.  I’ve already reviewed this movie once, but suffice to say, it deserves to be seen.  It’s a lot of fun, I don’t mean that in the hurrr-CGI-and-boobz sense of the word that usually gets thrown around in reviews of movies you’d have to be an idiot to enjoy. What I mean is that it’s fun in the sense that it’s a smart take on the superhero movie genre, but not so intellectual that it doesn’t still appeal to that same need of ridiculousness and the fantastic that makes other, straighter superhero movies like Iron Man or The Dark Knight so popular.

It’s hard to do pulpy well, but Kick-Ass manages it.  I think part of the reason it’s so polarizing is that people go along with all the self-aware comic book hero elements and then feel betrayed when it takes them someplace un-PC, like a tarted-up little girl who kills people ultra-violently.  But that’s been inherent to the genre from the beginning — the thrill of the violence, the goofy spandex costumes and the confused sexuality.  Why try to deny it?  Kick-Ass takes it a step further, but that’s the point: you delight in the wrongness, like a deliberately tasteless joke.  I get the feeling some people wanted it to end on some high-minded critique instead of semi-camp violence, but the appeal of Kick-Ass is like that of a really good B-movie: sometimes you laugh at it, sometimes you laugh with it, and sometimes it’s hard to tell which.  In the end, I guess you’re either the kind of person who gets hung up on why Nic Cage is acting like a weirdo and shooting a little girl, or you just enjoy Nic Cage acting like a weirdo and shooting a little girl.  Hey, switch on the director’s commentary from Matthew Vaughn and get the best of both worlds.

Anyway, if you missed it in the theaters, now, thanks to the magic of DVD, you can still see it, but this time without being in a room full of other peoples’ stupid kids.  You can see it in room full of your own stupid kids.  Or your cats.  Or with your best friends, scotch and ennui.  Point is, the world is your oyster, man, slurp it down.

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