Kid Cudi Feat. King Chip – “Just What Iam”

08.13.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

Kid Cudi brings it back to more familiar territory with “Just What Iam,” rapping and producing alongside Chip Tha Rapper, now going by the name King Chip. The track’s from indicud, which Cudi refers to as “his version of The Chronic 2001.” Having carved their way from Cleveland, Cudi and Chip have traveled their respective paths, having success along the way and they’re still growing, moreso as men than artists, as they both still relish their guilty pleasures while also speaking on the children openly and freely. And even though their paths may differ, they manage to converge on “Just What…,” bringing them to a shared stop.

Kid Cudi Feat. King Chip – “Just What Iam” (Prod. By Kid Cudi)

Cred: Complex

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