Kid Cudi Announces ‘Indicud’ Tracklist, Includes Michael Bolton of All People

03.27.13 5 years ago 45 Comments

Kid Cudi will drop an album, Indicud, on April 23. Some will like it, a few music critics will give it a half-hearted review-shrug, and a lot of people will probably think, Hmm, that’s cool, and then cease to care. Not that its 18-song tracklisting is anything to particularly scoff at: frequent collaborator King Chip (formerly Chip Tha Ripper) makes two appearances, as do the RZA, Kendrick Lamar, and former Fleet Foxes drummer J Tillman, also known as Father John Misty.

Here’s the thing: he got Michael Bolton to appear on a song with him called “Afterwards (Bring Yo Friend).” In the world of Cudi, this makes absolute sense. It’s the epitome of saying, “hey, let’s think of the most ridiculous person we could feature on a ‘hip-hop’ album and throw him on there!” Which is essentially Cudi’s whole bullsh*t schtick, masquerading as a “non-conformist,” as Billboard called him, when in fact he’s just a contrarian.

Whatever you expect from him, he delivers the opposite. Want “Day & Night”? F*ck you, here’s “Erase Me.” Work more with Kanye West? Eat a d*ck, here’s a song with Michael Bolton. The whole WZRD album.

Which is a respectable ethos up until you’re planning to release your fourth album and have absolutely no direction to show for your career. None. At all. Just judging by the tracklist, the album will probably represent another psychoanalysis of a suburban kid with bi-polar disorder, rotating between marijuana slow jams, maudlin R&B/Hip-Hop hybrids and this. If there’s a point where someone can reach maximum hipster insuffereability, Kid Cudi just reached it by releasing this track listing.

Maybe some of it will actually be good. Maybe there will be a few awesome singles. Really, it’s just another exercise of watching Cudi gleefully throw sh*t at a wall only to b*tch when it doesn’t stick.

The tracklisting and Indicud‘s first single, “Immortal,” are below.

1. The Resurrection Of Scott Mescudi
2. Unf***wittable
3. Just What I Am feat. King Chip
4. Young Lady feat. Father John Misty
5. King Wizard
6. Immortal
7. Solo Dolo Part II feat. Kendrick Lamar
8. Girls feat. Too Short
9. New York City Rage Fest
10. Red Eye feat. Haim
11. Mad Solar
12. Beez feat. RZA
13. Brothers feat. King Chip & ASAP Rocky
14. Burn Baby Burn
15. Lord Of The Sad And Lonely
16. Cold Blooded
17. Afterwards (Bring Yo Friends) feat. Michael Bolton & King Chip
18. The Flight Of The Moon Man

Correction: Apparently, “Just What Iam” came out last August, making it the quote-on-quote first single from Indicud. And “King Wizard” came out in October, also making its debut before “Immortal.”

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