Kid Cudi Fan Jumps On Stage, Kid Cudi Shoves Fan Off Of Stage

10.18.13 4 years ago 21 Comments

kid-cudi_pushes fan

Kid Cudi’s always had the best fan interactions at his shows. And by best, I mean Mr. Rager’s always been known to smack a fool-ass fan for trying to interrupt his set. Thursday night in Houston was more of the same ol’ Scotty as he shoves a would-be interrupter* to his performance of “Cudi Zone” and then calmly returns to the show, uttering “Not on my watch.”

Would you expect anything less bad ass from a rapper with the nuts to perform in a RoboCop outfit?

Cred: Montreality

* — Uhmm…anyone ever notice it’s always a white guy running up on the Cudster? Is that because Black people know better or because they just don’t go to Cudi shows?

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