Fingers Crossed…

09.01.09 8 years ago 18 Comments

After setting the bar at Olympic levels for Kid CuDi’s debut, Man in the Moon: The End of Day, I’ll be extremely pissed if any amount of it sounds like the recently leaked “That Girl.”

Seeping into the stream so close to the release date, I figured it had to be from the cutting room floor and was initially pretty hype to hear another hint from a potential Top 10 of 2009 candidate.

Then I hit play.

Initially, the addictive bass-drum combo left me like a snake slithering upward out of a basket, enchanted by a rhythm sounding straight from Holland/Dozier/Holland. A few seconds and a couple irking ad-libs later, I pull a Soul II Soul and realize the song is going absolutely nowhere. Not a rhyme in sight, CuDi’s unexplained lady adoration gets more and more drawn out and becomes reminiscent of a whining high school sophomore, reading his creepy love letters to the prom queen. Aside from the forced yearning, sadly, the beat doesn’t change a lick neither.

Since rave reviews have already been written, I think it’s safe to say the lackluster “That Girl” was Tupperwared for a reason. If it is a sign of things to come, though, 808 & Heartbreaks will end up looking genius.



Download — Kid CuDi – “That Girl”


KiD CuDi – Man on the Moon: The End of Day (German Album Promo)

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