#ForeverAlone: Lonely Kid Hits On Hooker Online In ‘GTA V’

10.28.13 4 years ago 22 Comments


Well, this one doesn’t need much set up. Some kid embraces his forever alone status a little too tough and starts talking dirty to a hooker…in GTA V…online…with other people in the room. I have to commend whoever recorded this because I would’ve lost it right around the 30 second mark.The video deserves a first ballot entry in the geek hall of fame and I say this as a frequent eavesdropper to some hilarious, online gaming mishaps.

Videos like this kind of show people are just that out of touch with society, missed out on one too many hugs growing up…or both. My parents love me though so I can’t end up like this kid. Why is he playing GTA V anyway? See, let me stop before I lose focus on this unintentional comedy below.

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