Kill Kill Kill: Fake Hippo Rescue

06.11.13 4 years ago 9 Comments

Poor zebra doesn’t have a friend in the world. He gets snagged by a crocodile and his whole band of buddies just bail on him. There are at least 10 zebra around. Surely as a collective they could do something about one crocodile. That’s why you never make friends with zebra. It’s a lesson I learned early in life.

But what’s this? Hippos to the rescue! Hippos to save the day! They’re tired of seeing the nasty crocodile menace all the friendly creatures on the shoreline. Wait, oop, hold up. That’s not it at all. They actually just want to beat the shit out of the crocodile then steal the zebra to eat for themselves. More helpful lessons gleaned for today: never count on hippos and, more importantly, don’t try to eat in front of hippos.

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