KILL KILL KILL: Fighting Over The Kill

05.22.13 4 years ago 14 Comments

As I said last week, I don’t have much of a stomach for the actual killing part of the KILL KILL KILL series even if in my own home there is a small rodent sacrifice every week for our pet snake. However, I don’t mind the bloody business of animals eating animals, which leads us to this week’s video starring a peregrine falcon, a yellow lab and a freshly killed duck.

Since we all had a good laugh at a kitten being scared to death by a couple of lizards in the previous edition of Not Quite KILL KILL KILL, I thought it would only be fair if dogs took their turn in the corner of shame. In this clip, a falconer is recording his falcon feasting on a duck when his dog decides it cannot stand by and watch all this delicious poultry being consumed without getting a bite in for himself. The falcon, naturally, is none too pleased with the dog as it did all the work of killing this duck and thinks the dog should go sprout wings and find its damn own meal. (Obviously the falcon thinks the dog is rather dim because in this related clip, you see the dog jumping into the fray just after the falcon has caught a mallord, allowing the duck to almost escape in the confusion. Stupid dog always messing up the kill.)

Not to spoil the ending, but just so you’re not worried. The dog is not hurt by the falcon at this time. I’m explaining to you because you look nervous.

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