Kill Kill Kill: I Smell A Bears Victory

08.29.12 5 years ago 11 Comments

The premise of this video is to explain how the grizzly’s elevated sense of smell enables it to be such a great predator. Except the only great predation we get early on is the grizzly being able to track down a rotting carcass in the dead of winter when few other eating options are available. Sounds very useful, but that just makes me glad to have my frail human body with its big brain that long ago came up with ways not be eating festering corpses just to get by. But two minutes in, we get to the good stuff. The narrator mentions that with young elk, odor can be especially strong. Possibly because, as with all young creatures, they are covered in their own shit. Either way, grizzly picked up the scent. For all the talk of smelling power, it the grizzly’s closing speed that impresses me the most. Drag that little smelly f*cker down in the open field!

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